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Of Geeks and Cupcakes in the Middle East

Here’s a fun fact: Dubai cupcake stores that were started in the Middle East have flavors made specially for UAE taste buds.

Shocker, shocker, shocker! Pulitzer prize of the year goes to geeky me!

I have never, ever walked past a cupcake store without going in, even if it was just to look at the yummy monsters. Curiosity having finally gotten the best of me, I asked what the deal was with those oriental flavors. Little New York bred creations sitting in rows of “Sticky Date” or “Pistachio Madness”.

I asked at Hey Sugar, Bloomsbury’s and Kitsch, all three of which were started in the Middle East. The answer was pretty much the same: “made for UAE”, “flavors appeal to the area”, “sells well here”.

I am not a big fan of dates, and by that I mean the fruit thank you very much, but if you are go for it. And we can never be friends. I recommend the Hey Honey cupcake from Hey Sugar. The spices in the cake are nicely complimented by the honey frosting and the cake is nice and moist and has that oriental kick to it.

[click on store names for more details]
Hey Sugar

– Hey Honey: Saffron cardamom cupcake with honey frosting

– Sticky Date: Sticky date cake and cinnamon and date icing

– Chai Latte: a Chai spiced sponge with a sweet honey and ginger butter cream.
– Zahil’s Zafran Suprise: a Saffron infused Sponge, filled with a Saffron pastry cream and perfectly balanced with a Vanilla butter cream topping
– A Date To Remember: sticky date sponge filled with caramel and topped with cream cheese
– Pistachio Passion: a chocolate sponge with a nutty pistachio butter cream

Pistachio Passion from Bloombsbury's

Pistachio Passion from Bloombsbury’s

A Date To Remember from Bloomsbury's

A Date To Remember from Bloomsbury’s


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