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And then, a smile.

Gosh… what an absolute bore of a read I’ve been.

I apologize. It’s all nag, nag, nag in every post, but this was my only outlet for the chaos.

No one around me really realized the gaping hole I had in my chest, I did not let them. I prefer to walk around more upbeat than everyone else, hyperactive like I fell in speed, buzzing around as though nothing is wrong.

And when things suckerpunch me in the face like they did, I turn to an anonymous virtual world where no one can see me cry, wince, or sigh. You can only read. God forbid I should ever write my name here.

Anyway.. in happier news, I have decided to take my own advice. I was recently telling a friend to grab life by the balls, excuse my French, because.. why not?

I don’t think there will ever be another phase in life where we can safely say we are young adults, with our own income, with no one’s else needs to cater to but our own. No spouse, no children.

And then, the million dollar question…

What do I want to build?

I am young. I am independent. My decisions are not tied to anyone other than me.

There must be something I want to do.

My plan to figure it out is simple: try everything.

2013 was not kind to me, but I intend on giving it a royal EFF YOU before it ends by fighting back.